Mechista of the Week: Karla Maradiaga

Karla Maradiaga, Class of 2015

Karla Maradiaga, Class of 2015

Residential College: Jonathan Edwards

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

High School: Lamphere High School

Why did you join MEChA? I joined MEChA because immigration reform has always been an issue that has been very important to me since it affects my family directly. However, I really became interested in the immigration reform debate after learning about DREAMers. The thought that anyone who grew up in this country and loved this country in the same way that I do was being denied an education made me very upset, and I desired to act on these emotions in a productive manner. Furthermore, I was intrigued by the incredible ideas of other MEChistas when it came to debates about immigration reform and latino identity.

What other activities are you involved in aside from MEChA?  Aside from MEChA I am involved in MAS Familias, a math and science club at Yale that hosts weekly dinners at the residential colleges with Math and Science professors at Yale. I also volunteer at the Haven Free Clinic. One of my favorite activities is working at a daycare. The kids there always allow me to escape the Yale bubble, at least for a little bit!

What is your favorite experience with MEChA?  My favorite experience with MEChA was the immigration reform march that occurred a few weeks ago [April 9]. It was a very powerful, and moving feeling to unite with fellow MEChistas and fight for a common cause.  I also love the way MEChA made an effort to show their support for the community during that march, breaking the barrier between Yale and the community that is way too evident sometimes. It was also great to see various politicians unite with the community in the push for humane immigration reform.


New Haven Immigration Reform March

Photo by Román Castellanos (ES '15)

On April 9, MEChA de Yale marched in solidarity with the New Haven community, members of the Black Student Alliance at Yale, the Association of Native Americans at Yale and Students Unite Now. Students marched from Beinecke Plaza to the New Haven Green during the National Day of Action for fair immigration reform with a realistic path to citizenship. The march was organized by the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance.

Yale Mechistas @ Georgetown

Photo by MEChA de Georgetown

2016 Mechistas

MEChA de Yale @ Georgetown

Nine Mechistas attended the East Coast Chicano/a Student Forum hosted by Georgetown University on April 5 - 7. The theme was The State of Chicano/Latino Affairs: Claiming Our Future. Students attended a wide array of workshops, including Latino/as in the Catholic Church, the history of Mexican migration to the United States and the Student/Farmworker Alliance.

Mechista of the Week: Salvador Delgado Fernandez

Salvador Delgado Fernandez, Class of 2013

Salvador Delgado Fernandez, Class of 2013

Residential College: Trumbull

Hometown: Blue Island, IL (near Chicago)

High School: Eisenhower High School

Why did you join MEChA? I originally joined MEChA because my sister, who is in charge of Georgetown's MEChA chapter, kept telling me to do it. I had previously helped out at the occasional MEChA event, but wasn't an official member. Then I joined this year, my senior year, and realized that I missed out on a lot of awesomeness over the past 3 years!

What other activities are you involved in aside from MEChA? I'm currently one of the Group Managers of Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale (yay dancing!), which has turned out to be nothing but fun. I volunteer as an interpreter at the HAVEN Free Clinic in Fair Haven, helping the community get healthcare. Aside from that, I also host two radio shows at WYBC, one being a Latin music show and the other a science talk show.

What is your favorite experience with MEChA? My favorite experience with MEChA was definitely the Café con Karaoke [March 1]. I had been wishing for the chance to do some bilingual karaoke, and then it happened! And because it was to start a scholarship for undocumented students, I felt a lot better about going to the event instead of getting work done. And chocolate caliente!